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Software and Resources I Use and Recommend

I get asked all the time the tools and software I use to make videos. So, I put together this resource that puts all that information together.

Some of these are affiliates, but all of the links posted here are tools I have used and recommend.


Video Software

What software do you use / should I use?

Adobe Creative Cloud SuiteI use Premiere Pro for editing, Photoshop for creative photo editing, Lightroom for general photo editing, and some of the other Adobe software as well!

iMovieiMovie is a little underestimated because it is free software for Mac users. It is a fantastic starter software and I highly recommend it for people starting out in video.

Final Cut Pro XThe big brother of iMovie, FCP X is a fantastic, budget-friendly software that has pro features. If you are not a fan of the subscription model Adobe has and do not need the other Adobe products (and just want to edit video), FCP X is likely the best fit for you.

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