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Video Gear Buyer's Guide

The question everyone wants to know the answer to: "What do you shoot with?"

In this round-up, I'll go through a few different gear options: one for those that want to shoot with their phone, one for those who want to shoot a little better quality than their phone, and then my personal kit I use for client work and passion projects.


A quick note before I jump into the gear...


Chances are, the phone is your pocket is plenty good to start recording videos right now. I've seen really bad videos shot on extremely expensive gear and I've seen amazing, cinematic videos shot on an iPhone. More expensive gear can make achieving a certain quality or look easier, but it is not always the solution. For example, Quentin Tarantino could make a film much more watchable and entertaining than many people could if he used his phone and everyone else used a cinema camera. At the end of the day, these are just tools to help us capture something.


Try to capture and shoot video with what you have now, and try not to play the "Once I get this piece of gear..." game and wait forever. (I've played this game before, and, in retrospect, it was not worth my time.


The Gear Kits I Recommend

Below, you will find direct links to the kits I have used, used, and recommend. Simply follow the link to find the kit you are looking for!

📱Mobile Phone Video Creator's Starter Kit: Your phone can do some amazing things. If you are recording and are just not able to get the sound quality or visuals you are looking for, take a peek at this kit for gear ideas.

📷Budget Video Creator's Camera KitIf you have been creating video with your phone and are ready to upgrade to dedicated gear, this is my recommend first step. With this kit, the top advantages are:

  1. Great out of camera color
  2. Swivel screen so you can see yourself and frame the picture
  3. Amazing autofocus to keep you tack sharp
  4. Very user-friendly

🎥 Daniel Fayette's Video Creator Kit: This is the kit I personally use for client work and passion projects. After buying and trying many different brands and kits, like Fujifilm and Sony, the Canon camera offered the best of all worlds and came out as the winner. 


Do you have questions about gear that I have not included here? Drop me a note at daniel@danielfayette.com and I'll add it to this list!


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