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Software and Resources I Use and Recommend

I get asked all the time the tools and software I use to make videos. So, I put together this resource that puts all that information together.

Some of these are affiliates, but all of the links posted here are tools I have used and recommend.


Video Software

What software do you use / should I use?

Adobe Creative Cloud SuiteI use Premiere Pro for editing, Photoshop for creative photo editing, Lightroom for general photo editing, and some of the other Adobe software as well!

iMovieiMovie is a little underestimated because it is free software for Mac users. It is a fantastic starter software and I highly recommend it for people starting out in video.

Final Cut Pro XThe big brother of iMovie, FCP X is a fantastic, budget-friendly software that has pro features. If you are not a fan of the subscription model Adobe has and do not need the other Adobe products (and just want to edit video), FCP X is likely the best fit for you.

LoomThis is a screen-recorder tool I use A TON to talk through processes and creative briefs for people. An awesome tool for recording video.

SoapboxA screen-recording software by the team at Wistia that gives you the tools you need to send custom video messages or even record & edit webcam + screen recording videos together at the same time. I use this from time to time to record presentations and course materials.


Music for Videos

Where can I get cool music?

Epidemic Sound: Semi-affordable, monthly subscriptions for creators and businesses to get high-quality music. Epidemic Sound has probably one of the best libraries I have heard – though, it does come at a price.

Artlist.ioBudget-friendly music subscription that has solid music.

YouTube.com/audiolibrary/musicFree to use on your projects


Video Hosting

Where should I host my videos?

YouTubeThe free video hosting platform we all know and love. This will likely cover all your needs for video hosting.

WistiaA top-notch quality video hosting platform with advanced analytics. If you need to host a few videos for your website, Wistia can do this for free. Chances are, though, that YouTube is plenty for 99% of people.

Facebook: Uploading video content natively to Facebook seems to have a positive effect on how many people it reaches. So, if you are posting on Facebook, chances are you will want to post natively and avoid linking to a video link outside of Facebook!


Miscellaneous Tools

Rev.comHIGHLY recommend using a service like this to add captions / subtitles to your videos. It's extremely affordable and is a great way to make your video much more watchable on social platforms, especially as it is becoming more and more popular to watch videos in public with no sound.


Do you have other tools/resources questions about video that I have not answered here? Drop me a note at daniel@danielfayette.com and I'll add it to this list!


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