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Favorite Online Courses and Education for Video Production

"If you are the smartest person in the room – find another room."

And, with the internet available nowadays, the digital room is HUGE! There are so many people that are incredibly talented at what they do and are sharing their skills online. I am obsessed with becoming better than I was yesterday and, as such, have watched many online courses. Many were good, many were not-so-good, and below are my favorites.


Full-Time FilmmakerTHE BEST and most practical course I have ever taken on becoming better at filmmaking and applying those skills into making it into a full-time job. As someone who went to a 4-year college to learn video (and loved it), this is very worthwhile and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to either improve their filmmaking or make videography a career.

MZED (Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass)Philip Bloom does a magical job creating a Netflix-quality video series about filmmaking. With his humor and clear talent in filmmaking, his masterclass will most definitely lead to more cinematic shots. However, if you are looking to jump more into the business side of things, Full-Time Filmmaker may be a better fit.

Masterclass.comAlthough I have only scratched the surface of Ken Burns's masterclass on documentary filmmaking, this website is doing some fantastic things for education. Even though, from my experience, it feels more like interviews with the masters in their field rather than a course that aims at helping you with a transformation (e.g. amateur to full-time filmmaker), the insights are memorable and entertaining.

Lynda.com / LinkedIn LearningI grew up in a smaller, mid-western city and there were not many people who were interested in video. Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning) was truly my first video instructor, as it taught me the essentials of my editing software when I was first getting started. To this day, they are my go-to for learning software.

Skillshare: Becoming more and more popular recently, Skillshare has been a nice resource for learning specific skills and niche software. In many ways, it feels like a pay-to-enter YouTube with a focus on project-based learning. They do offer a couple free months if you want to check it out and see if it is a good fit!

YouTubeYouTube is an incredible resource for learning. I use it daily to keep up with the latest tech and to learn from other creators who are doing amazing things. Oftentimes, if possible, I do prefer to get a more structured online course/transformation, as I feel going on YouTube to learn filmmaking, for example, is a little bit too much like a buffet. An online course, however, is typically more like a thoughtful, Michelin star 5-course meal.


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