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You are one video away from telling your story and connecting with your audience – and I want to help guide you.

Hi, I'm Daniel Fayette!

I'm a videographer and marketing consultant – and I believe video should be at the core of your marketing strategy.

Hello, hello! I'm Daniel... and I see so many entrepreneurs, businesses, and start-ups with great products but just not the right marketing. "If you build it, they will come" is not a strategy that can guarantee results. As marketing-trained videographer, it's my job to help you tell your company's story in a way that connects with your audience.

How did this become my life? Well, I filmed my first video in junior high with my mom's camera that she used to record my soccer games. And... it was so fun to make that I just kept making videos.

I began reaching out to organizations to film videos for them to improve my skills and went off to college to study video production for my bachelor's and grabbed a master's in digital storytelling after that.

I joined the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant network to better understand the role of video through the lens of marketing and now here I am – producing videos and creating marketing strategies for businesses.

Since launching my business, I've:

  • Won $10,000 dollars by winning first prize in the David Letterman Video Contest
  • Become a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, joining a select group of certified marketing consultants that can install proven marketing systems into small businesses
  • Worked in New York as a video producer
  • Shot & produced 100+ videos
  • Built 50+ client websites
  • Drank many, many cups of coffee
  • And more...

Your Next Video May Change Everything...

The first video I made with the soccer mom camera changed the whole direction of my life. I have clients who published a video to be greeted the next day by the customer that said, "I saw your video online and I'm interested..." which led to increased sales. I know the video skills to make the video and the marketing background to make it speak to your clients.

If you want to start making videos on your own, consider checking out my online course. If you need one made for you, reach out to me directly. Whichever you do, remember – you're just one video away.

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