Videographer & Web Designer in Greensburg, Indiana

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About Me


Content Creator Meets Marketing Strategist

I create websites for businesses that attract and convert customers so the business owners can focus on the areas of the business they are passionate about.

Hey there, I’m Daniel… and almost every business needs an awesome website. Nowadays, many people’s first impression of your business is when they Google your business name and locate your website. As a web designer and certified marketing consultant, it’s my job to create a website that not only looks great, but also turns the visitors into customers - and ultimately, earning you, the business owner, more money.

My Backstory

How did I land in doing websites and marketing for businesses? It all started when I wanted to be a YouTube star.

I borrowed my mom’s video camera and pressed record, documenting everyday moments, vlog-style, just like some of my creators on YouTube at the time. One creator in particular, MysteryGuitarMan, recorded creative videos of himself playing songs using different instruments and objects. Inspired, I grabbed my guitar, installed Final Cut Pro, and realized that I loved making videos. I didn’t know, at the time, but I would eventually win $10,000, begin traveling the world, and helping businesses see results with marketing.

The $10,000 that started it all

Fast-forward to college, where I pursued Video Production as my major, and entered in many contests to pay for my education and, of course, shiny new video gear. I entered in a video contest at my college called the “David Letterman Video Contest”. Drawing inspiration from my YouTube idols, I created a video called Musical VFX (and Guitars!), winning first prize and taking home $10,000.

After finishing up my Bachelor’s, I went right back into school to get my Master’s in Digital Storytelling, which expands upon the video production program and broadens it into web development, graphic design, photography, and usability testing. During college, I worked as a freelance videographer, creating corporate videos and promotional videos for businesses. I also worked with marketing agencies as a web developer, taking pixel-perfect mock-ups and creating web experiences from them.

How Can I Better Help My Clients?

As I gained more experience and helped clients see results, I felt like there was something missing – the strategy. I had learned the technical side of things, but was missing the strategy to lead the way. To solve this, I joined the Duct Tape Consultant Network and became a certified marketing consultant so I could better help businesses get more clients and see results – and it has really paid off, for both me and my clients.

In-between all of that, I taught English in China, worked as a video producer intern in New York City, received training from a professional Chinese ping pong player, and even entered in a basketball dunk show on the streets in Foshan, China.

It all started with my passion for creating videos and that has led me on an amazing journey. Thank you for taking the time to visit my web page and, if you ever want to talk marketing, videos, customer personas, or even challenge me in ping pong, I am game!

What makes working with me different

Most web designers know how to make a website look good, but do not know how to set it up to convert visitors into paying customers - or even get visitors to the site in the first place. When you hire me, you hire someone who has the formal training in web design, the certifications in creating marketing strategies, and the results to prove this is possible for your business too.